Why Choose IsoGlaze?

 IsoGlaze is a high performance cost effective anti/de-icer. It’s active formulation offers 48 hour anti-icing and it’s significantly less harmful to the environment than rocksalt. It really is one of a kind and is used by Rail Operators, Facilities Mangers, Airports, and Local Authorities.

What makes IsoGlaze Unique?

It heats up on contact with ice or snow, this unique chemical reaction speeds up the melting process making it a safer alternative to rocksalt and the resultant liquid leaves no messy residue.

It’s cost effective – IsoGlaze spreads 6x further than rocksalt so you use less of it reducing maintenance times and storage costs.

Benefits & Features

IsoGlaze’s unique blend makes it a market leader and a cost effective alternative to rocksalt. 

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