Leading the way

Our product technology has progressed from our early days of lab trialling and testing on a single product formulation to the development of a range of products that have matured into tried and tested high performance de-icers endorsed in the most testing of arenas.

It is our culture to continually and consistently innovate. So, we will always be seeking to improve our de-icer range and customise our products to the key requirements of our customers.

The company

As the manufacturer of our own product we have the following competitive advantages and benefits:

  • We provide products unique and specific to each of our key markets
  • We are driven by innovation and will develop ‘families’ of associated products for our key market sectors
  • We can develop products to meet the specific requirements of our customers
  • We have the technical expertise required by our customers
  • We are totally focused on our own range of products and do not have the detached association or conflict of interests sometimes demonstrated by distributors of multiple competing products.
  • There is no middleman on cost to be paid

Our service

  • We are a highly customer focused organisation
  • We provide full training programs in application and usage of our products to enable customer maintenance staff to maximise the benefits of the product
  • Our technical staff are always on hand to assist our customers

Maturity of Technology

AffluTeq have developed a range of commercial and industrial de-icers far superior to traditional de-icers, and continue to innovate.


All tests are carried out by professional bodies.

Our products have been tested or are undergoing testing in the following areas:

  1. Freezing point of depression
  2. Spread rate
  3. Ice penetration
  4. Environmental impact
  5. Skid resistance
  6. Anti – icing properties

Product development

In addition to this we are currently developing and will continue to develop new products. Our current products in development include:

  • An adhesive anti-icer for protecting lights and signals from frost and ice formation. This is expected to be available for season 2020-2021.
  • A liquid de-icer spray with enhanced de-icing properties which will be suitable for rail tracks and the safe maintenance of level crossings. This is expected to be available for season 2020-2021.
  • We currently have two retail options which have been awaiting the right circumstances to present themselves:
  • A standard retail product in small plastic tubs with a built-in spreader
  • A vehicle ‘personal survival kit’ which includes an easy use de-icer pouch and a range of emergency aids.

Our market locations include the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and the Balkans.

AffluTeq distribute an innovative range of industrial and commercial de-icers specially formulated to combine high performance de-icing with a caring approach to the environment.