IsoGlaze: The cost-effective alternative to traditional de-icers

The rail market

The UK rail industry is currently undergoing significant change and faces a range of strategic and operational challenges. This includes the following key aspects:

  • It is the fastest growing in Europe, with record numbers of passengers and overcrowded routes.
  • Detailed planning is underway to minimise downtime and improve train punctuality along with new programs to improve passenger journey experience.
  • A record £25billion will be invested in the UK’s rail network over the next four to five years.

Benefits of IsoGlaze for Rail Operators

IsoGlaze outperforms rocksalt in all the key customer requirements

It has the following specific benefits for rail operators:

  • Starts working on impact with snow and ice by producing an exothermic reaction thus heating up the immediate area and melting faster, making access areas safer for passengers and staff
  • Anti-icing properties for up to 48 hours helping to maintain de-iced areas for longer and thus reducing re-applications
  • Reduced corrosion of at least 80% against rocksalt
  • Doesn’t clog door runners and therefore doesn’t jam
  • No messy residue
  • Less toxic than rocksalt
  • Less caustic than rocksalt
  • 1 bag of IsoGaze melt the equivalent of 6 bags of rocksat, thus you use 6x less Isoglaze saving on storage and labour costs.
  • Works to minus 25⁰ against rocksalt’s effective working temperature of minus 6⁰

The commercial opportunity and strategic fit

IsoGlaze provides a unique proposition to the de-icing demands of the rail industry that dovetails perfectly with their immediate and ongoing requirements for their passengers and their long-term plans for rolling stock, infrastructure and the future direction of the industry. This includes:

  • Increased passenger safety due to IsoGlaze’s faster acting properties in removing snow and ice
  • Improved passenger experience due to enhanced mobility in and around stations in adverse weather, no messy residue and pet friendly products
  • Reduced downtime and increased punctuality due to a cessation in the jamming of train doors caused by the current use of rocksalt and marine salt
  • Protection of long term investments due to the reduction in damage to rolling stock, infrastructure and equipment
  • Additional green credentials to be added to the existing environmental commitments of rail operators
  • Product innovation with current developments at AffluTeq Ltd including a de-icer spray for rail tracks, an anti-icing protector for train and rail lights and a de-icer whose resultant residue is a nutrient to plants and vegetation

The inherent problems with rocksalt

The damaging and corrosive effects of rocksalt have been covered already but we will summarise these for completeness:

  • It is corrosive to metal structures, equipment and component parts and will therefore cause damage to bridges, infrastructure, rolling stock and equipment.
  • It is destructive to concrete
  • It is highly toxic and will cause damage to plants, vegetation and waterways.
  • Its caustic properties cause harm to pets’ paws and skin and can be fatal to small animals.
  • Its messy residue will degrade both natural and synthetic fabrics and requires additional cleaning costs whenever used.
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